2017 Rehearsal and Concert Information

Full Rehearsal at Aspendale Community Centre, 103-105 Kearney Drive
Saturday the 9th of December 9am- 3.30pm

Dress Rehearsal at Besen Centre- 87-89 Station St Burwood
Saturday 16th December 9am-2.30pm. There will be a lunch break.

Primary and Grade 1 level will only be required for approximately 1 hour. 9.30am- 10.30am for both rehearsals.

Please note: Other levels: your individual item arrival time will be available ASAP

Concert: Saturday the 16th of December 4.30pm
All students will need to be back at the theatre for the performance by 3.30pm

Children’s hair and makeup to be applied BEFORE ARRIVING at the theatre.

Please make sure you have:
-clean tights and a spare set
-clean shoes (named)
-hair spray, hair gel and makeup. Lots of safety pins and hair pins
-all hair buns need to be secured with a bun hair net
-all costumes, hats and hair pieces need to be securely fastened and pinned


Do not take hire costumes home. Please return them to the designated person after the performance.

We are requesting that each family sell 5 tickets. We cannot continue to produce a concert of such high standard if we do not have the support from everyone. A performer’s pass is available for students who are in only one half of the concert. Please request this on your ticket order form. Due to Health and Safety regulations children are NOT allowed to sit on parents’ knees. All tickets and passes must be pinned on the person using them. Mothers are requested not to run in and out of the audience. PLEASE remain seated until interval as the younger students will not be finished until then.

No photos or videos will be allowed to be taken at the Besen Centre during the actual performances. You may take them during the rehearsals, but only 30 people are allowed in the theatre at any given time, due to the Health and Safety regulations. Please watch your child’s concert items only so the others may take advantage of this opportunity. Please do not be offended if you are requested to leave the theatre so that this rule is obeyed.

Make up demonstrations will be held at Aspendale Gardens on Saturday 9th December
Stage makeup needs to be darker with stronger colours for stage lights.
You will need to bring the following makeup
-Dark tan foundation
-brown eye shadow with white/pearl eye shadow for highlighting
-eyeliner pencil
-eyebrow pencil
-dark red lipstick
-for child 9 years and over, false eyelashes are required
-for children under 9 years, mascara is required.

Kind Regards
Rosslyn and Monique

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