50 years of Charlesworth Walsh Dance Centre

This year is a most exciting time for us, as we are celebrating 50 years.

It sounds like so long ago but to me it seems no time at all. As a very young Associate of the Cecchetti Society, I commenced the ballet school at Jordanville Youth Club, a little tin shed, on Batesford Road. My Aunty Pearl recruited students from her colleagues where she worked at Brockoff Biscuits. We then moved to Mt. Waverley Youth Club where Safeway is now. How C.W.D.C. has evolved from this humble beginning!

To Dance Is Joy

We know how much young dancers benefit from coming to class, enjoying the physical movement to music and how their spirits are lifted after a hard day at school or university. Their head is taken into another space with the tension and stress of the day released. It’s fun to meet up with their dance friends and share their ups and downs. These strong friendships often last a lifetime.

C.W.D.C. has always been inclusive and all students are treated with dignity and respect. There is no selection of students for exams or competitions. All students attending required lessons are included regardless of standard or physical attributes.

This year we are inviting all past pupils to return and dance at our Grand Gala Concert in December. And as we also have students whose mothers were students, we are asking them to dance beside their children in a very special item.

I meet many of the mums of past students and they comment on how their time at C.W.D.C. with their children, are some of their very fondest memories with them growing up.

We have had wonderful support always, from families throughout the 50 years which we are most grateful.

Our lives have been enriched by all of these beautiful children we have taught. We are lucky to have been blessed with such a fantastic job when every class is different, fun and exciting.

My daughter Monique has also devoted her life to dance. After working professionally overseas she became my right arm, as you would say. Other than her senior teacher role at C.W.D.C. Monique teaches at the Special Schools giving these children the enrichment of dance in their lives.

From this small beginning C.W.D.C. has grown into one of the longest and most successful dance schools in Victoria. Many past pupils are working professionally in the industry. The success of the school is also due to the devotion and dedication of our teachers, most of whom have received their qualifications through their time at C.W.D.C.

Looking forward to another wonderful year.

Miss Rosslyn

Life Member and Fellow of the Imperial Society of Dance London.
Fellow and Life Member of the Cecchetti Australia