My eldest daughter Emily has been dancing at Charlesworth Walsh Dance School for 9 years and my youngest Hayley for 7 years. The dance class started as a trial to see what dancing was like… 9 years on I never imagined the impact Charlesworth Walsh Dance school and teachers would have on our girls. Dance lessons at Charlesworth Walsh Dance have become life lessons for Emily and Hayley. The teachers are amazing, loyal, committed and caring and the amazing second family that we chose for ourselves.
Our girls have gained the valuable gifts of fun, discipline, persistence and extraordinary self-confidence for the love for dance. They live for their weekly dance classes, performances and exams. It amazes us when we watch our girls perform in competitions, mini concerts and end of year concerts the sheer joy they feel about being up on stage performing for family and friends. The end of year concert is a major highlight for all students and teachers, where they show case all the hard work and dedication for the year, it’s truly a spectacular show. To the amazing teachers like Monique, Rosslyn, Sarah, Rachel, Sam and Angie just to name a few. We count our blessings daily for the journey which each of you have taken our girls on. It has bought so much joy, love and happiness into our lives. Your dedication, devotion and commitment to the professional technique of dance and enriching our daughter’s happiness, confidence and self-esteem is invaluable. I highly recommend Charlesworth Walsh Dance to all who wish to start dancing or wish to come back and revitalise their love for dance.
Thank you!
Brotherton Family.

Charlesworth Walsh Dance Centre has been a part of our lives for the past 11 years. Our two daughters, have received excellent tuition, in classical, tap, contemporary and jazz dance styles. We are very happy with the wonderful progress and success our girls continue to achieve. The opportunity to excel in dance exams and dance competitions has been very rewarding. The girls continue to receive tuition at a high standard, and always with kind and caring attitudes from all our dance teachers. Myself and my girls have made lifetime friends here at Charlesworth Walsh and love being part of this wonderful extra large family!
Mel, Briony and Amelia Edwards.


Charlesworth Walsh Dance, with its highly qualified and professional teachers, equips its students with vital life skills.  The Principals, Rosslyn Charlesworth and Monique Walsh inspire an excitment and attention to detail that result in highly technical, graceful dance.
The students develop poise and posture, stamina, flexibility, strength and time management.  Their self expression, creativity, drama and musicality mature as they participate in the Annual Production, dance competitions and Cabarets. Grooming, deportment, self-confidence, team work and self-discipline evolve in addition to their dancing skills. My  daughters learned dance from Rosslyn, starting as preschoolers and continuing throughout their University education. While studying VCE they continued with five dance lessons a week, yet achieved results sufficient to study Bachelor of Science  degrees.  Paulette studied  a Year 12 Dance subject in each of her VCE years,  in addition to her academic studies.  She completed an Honours degree and Rowena teaches Specialist Maths and Biology to Year 12.  Dance was vital to their well-being,  providing them with physical exercise, stress release,  a creative outlet and a strong social network . My family first came into contact with Charlesworth Walsh in its earliest form 35 years ago when our first daughter, Danielle, started learning ballet with Rosslyn. We love the concerts so much that since then I have only missed one end of the year concert – when I was overseas.  Our Family Christmas parties were organised so country family members would be able to attend the concert while they were in Melbourne.  The standard of the Annual Production and the dancing is so high that my husband and one sister still regularly attend concerts with me – and we go to the Cabarets too.  Apart from being thoroughly entertaining, we enjoy seeing the Babies develop into  independent, poised, beautiful  adult dancers – and later seeing their babies commence the same journey.
Leonie Goldsmith

My daughters receive excellent tuition and have been given ample opportunities to indulge in their love of performing. I love that I don’t have to sew! One simple hire fee and the costumes are organised.
Jo Ellemor

My eldest daughter joined CWDC in 1992 and my youngest daughter in 1999 when they were 4 and 5 years old respectively. It says much about the dance school that they will still be attending classes during this year, 2017. Not only have they been taught a number of different dance styles (classical ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary) by a team of dedicated, supportive and creative teachers who have stressed the importance of learning the correct techniques required, they have also gained life-long skills in areas such as commitment and team work, whilst improving both their gross motor and cognitive skills. Long term friendships have also been forged. My daughters have always looked forward to going to their dance classes. They have always been encouraged to do the best that they can, and their well-being has always been considered. The atmosphere at CWDC is welcoming, friendly and caring. Questions are readily answered and feedback on my daughters’ progress over the years has been given on a regular basis. My daughters have taken many of the skills and attributes gained over the years of attending CWDC into their chosen careers, particularly in relation to increased self-confidence and self-esteem. The staff and students at CWDC have become our second family, and I can’t recommend them more highly.
Judith Riddoch