Classes at Charlesworth Walsh Dance Centres are inclusive and non-competitive. We encourage our students to reach their own potential at whatever age or stage of physical and mental development. All students learn to work as part of a team as well as focussing on their own skills and technique. Students can be confident that they will be taught well in every style of dance they choose. 
The classes available at Charlesworth Walsh Dance Studios are:

Introduction to dance (3-5 year olds)
This program is an introduction to dance.  The student learns to develop his or her own natural dance quality and experience the pleasure of moving to music.  The classes incorporate mime, dance props (such as toys, fans and scarfs) music, play and song.  A solid foundation is established in all aspects of dance while increasing coordination, spatial awareness, musicality, concentration, strength and flexibility. An introduction to dance class includes posture awareness, flexibility exercises, basic dance movements, movement to music and lots of fun!  A great place for boys and girls to learn the basics of dance, and how to express themselves through music and movement.

Junior Ballet
At five to seven years of age, children can move from ‘Introduction to Dance’ into ‘Ballet’ for 5-7 year olds. In these classes we teach ballet as well as song and dance; dance, neo and national dance. This keeps the interest of the children while fostering discipline, posture and placement. These classes are designed to be fun and interactive, while continuing to develop technique so children can move on to more serious studies when they are ready.

Standard Class will include all or most of the following:
1. Warm-up.
2. Basic Barre including these elements of dance, plié, étendre, relevé and flexibilty exercises with attention given to posture and placement.
3. Increase awareness of using first and second position of feet.
4. Centre practice includes ports de bras and basic theory of positions of the arms. 
5. Simple adage with transfer of weight and balance. 
6. Introduction to the concept of pirouette. 
7. Co-ordination exercises including props, for example, scarves and tambourines.
8. Simple allegro including sauté, skips, gallops and pony canters.
9. Mime and free expression focusing on timing, rhythm and qualities through movement and story.
10. Song or national dance with spacial awareness and team participation.

Classical Ballet
Classical Ballet is considered the backbone of all dance. The main method taught at Charlesworth Walsh Dance Centre is the internationally renowned Cecchetti Method. The syllabus has been carefully structured to ensure students receive a well-balanced training and prepare them for examinations. Students are also introduced to other methods, including Russian and Besabravosa for a more rounded understanding of classical technique.

From eight years of age, the child is ready for more serious study of dance. Both mind and body are mature enough to cope with the increased instruction related to correct technique and performance. In ballet, while students still maintain progress with one weekly lesson, it is recommended that they attend classes twice weekly to ensure continuity and greater success.

The second class allows the opportunity for the students to consolidate and extend their knowledge of the syllabus, practise the theory gained and further develop their classical technique. This mastery furthers their self-confidence and establishes a sound basis for the study of higher levels of dance.

Suitable for children from 8 years of age.


Our jazz classes involve flexibility, fitness and enjoyment. As these classes are physically demanding, we recommend a background in movement such as ‘Introduction to Dance’ or gymnastics. They cover isolations, flexibility and co-ordination. Different styles are taught over the year while keeping up with the latest ‘moves and grooves’ to Top 40 music. Classes include many genres of modern dance for example: jazz, funk, hip hop and cabaret as well as encouraging the ability to develop the students own skills in choreography.

Suitable for children from 8 years of age.

Charlesworth Walsh offers a complete program in tap. We teach the CTSD examination syllabus alongside a wide variety of musical rhythms and techniques. Co-ordination, strength, fitness and style are features of these classes, as well as a dynamic, exciting and professional level of performance and entertainment for both tappers and audience.
Tapping is fun, energetic and gives the student an opportunity to make music with their feet!

Flash Studio


Contemporary dance is an expressive form of dance that combines elements of multiple genres including jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It allows dancers to explore the mind-body connection and can involve both rigid, abstract movements and fluid, ‘free’ movements. Contemporary is a very popular style of dance at CWDC.

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