Term Dates- 2019

Term Dates are for all studios. These dates can be marked in your calendar for planning purposes. Please note: fees are charged for dates that classes are held. The fees will reflect the amount of classes/weeks in the term.

Term 1:

Saturday February 2nd to April 6th = 10 weeks 

Monday February 4th to April 1st = 8 weeks (11/3 – Labour Day – No Classes) 

Tuesday February 5th to April 2nd = 9 weeks 

Wednesday February 6th to April 3rd = 9 weeks 

Thursday February 8th to April 4th = 9 weeks 


Term 2:

Monday 29th April to June 24th = 10 weeks (10/6 – Queens Birthday – No Classes) 

Tuesday April 23rd to June 25th = 10 weeks 

Wednesday April 24th to June 26th = 10 weeks 

Thursday May 1st to June 27th = 9 weeks 

Saturday April 27th to June 29th = 10 weeks 


Term 3:

Monday July 15th to September 16th = 10 weeks 

Tuesday July 16th to September 17th = 10 weeks 

Wednesday July 17th to September18th = 10 weeks 

Thursday July 18th to September 19th = 10 weeks 

Saturday July 20th to September 21st = 10weeks 


Term 4:

Monday 7th October to Production 

Tuesday 8th October to Production (5/11- Melbourne Cup – No Classes) 

Wednesday 9th October to Production 

Thursday 10th October to Production 

Saturday 12th October to Production