Why dance?

There are many reasons why more people than ever are rediscovering the joy, the excitement and the value of dance. The secret of it’s continuing influence lies in the power of movement and gesture to express inner feelings and outside experiences which cannot be expressed in words.
Dance has always been a popular social activity, but it is also a dynamic and continually changing art form, which can be enjoyed, studied and appreciated in it’s own right. Because dance combines thinking, feeling and doing, it is ideal for young children who naturally respond to rhythm, music and mood. Through dance tuition they will learn body control, mobility and flexibility, co-ordination, posture, strength and the use of energy.They will gain an eloquent means of imaginative expression, increased confidence and self-esteem, concentration and discipline.
Dance in Australia today embraces every kind of movement from Ballroom to Ballet, from Jazz to Disco. All forms of dance are fulfilling and enjoyable to do. Classical ballet, which is a theatrical art, should only be learnt from qualified teachers such as those in the Cecchetti Society of Australia, who can hand on to their pupils not only the technique and great traditions of the art, but most importantly, the love of dance.
Colin Peasley F.I.S. T.D.
Manager, Education Programmes, The Australian Ballet